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Self-Assessment toolkit



is a set of tools that we created and made available for organisations to check in on the quality of their work.

Self-assessment is not a common or frequent practice by non-profit organisations but, we believe that it is very helpful for employees and volunteers alike, to take a step back and examine their own processes.

We also think it is important for small organisations to be as autonomous as possible. Being able to self-assess in a productive way, constitutes one more step toward this goal. The themes, questions and best practices that we use and suggest are based on the experience of almost 3 years working in direct contact with grassroots organisations.


Achieving Smart Aid

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The Smart Aid Score is a survey of purely qualitative aspects that organisations should consider while designing and revising their programs. This tool will give an organisation a “Smart Aid Score” that will help them to assess the quality of their work and what they might need to do to improve their organisation.

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The Smart Aid Guidebooks are the result of 3 years of observation, assessment, and interviewing of 80+ grassroots NGOs in Greece. Formatted as a series of surveys, these guides are intended to help grassroots reflect on all sorts of challenges and issues, and improve daily operations. Along the way, one can find adaptable tips and tricks successfully tested in the field. Click on a topic below to start your self-evaluations!


We will be communicating directly and following up with those of you who have filled in one or more of the tools.
If you have any questions about any of the tools or have any comments/ideas, please share them with us at