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Operations POSITIONS


The Operations team works behind the scene to make it possible for the rest of the organisation to operate. The team contains 2 sub-groups: HR/Recruitment and Fundraising/Partnerships.

They ensure that the whole team is in sync and have the right tools to achieve their goals and are always working on the sustainability and future of the organisation. The roles within the Operations Team are:

Operations: HR/Recruitment

  • HR & Coordination Volunteers: managing the recruitment team and overseeing the consistent performance of all team members.

    • Conducting all onboarding and training steps for new volunteers

    • Identifying staffing needs & overseeing recruitment volunteers in their work

    • Maintaining our training materials and internal documents

    • Planning and managing meeting schedule and logistics for the team

    • Planning all social events for the team

  • Recruitment Volunteers: Being the first point of contact for all potential volunteers and ensuring a strong stream of new team members.  

    • Reviewing all incoming applications and conducting the interview process to identify strong candidates

    • Managing all recruitment platforms and tools (including LinkedIn) and working with the Media Team for promotion

    • Conducting outreach through participation in events and identifying potential partner organisations for recruitment


  • Previous experience with recruitment(in corporate or non-profit settings) and/or volunteer coordination or relevant educational background.

  • Experience working or volunteering in an NGO or non-profit.

  • Great interpersonal skills and strong track in teamwork.

    Operations: Fundraising/Partnerships

    • Fundraising & Finances Volunteers: Supporting the sustainability of the organisation and engaging with potential donors.

      • Researching funding opportunities

      • Drafting grant applications & assisting with compiling budgets

      • Assisting in the maintenance of accounting & grant reporting documents

      • Maintaining communications & engagement with previous donors online & offline

    • Partnerships & Alumni Volunteers: Building communications with other entities and our former volunteers to spread our work further.  

      • Identifying potential partner organisations and managing communications with them for joint projects

      • Creating opportunities for engagement and communication materials for past volunteers


    • Previous experience with grant applications, along with strong research skills.

    • Finance or accounting background and experience desired

    • Newsletter and online communications experience a plus, copywriting experience also welcome.