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Field Team Positions


The Field Team is the core of Campfire Innovation’s work and approach. Their role is to deliver our programs to the organisations we support and keep our own team and decisions grounded to the realities of refugee lives and the challenges citizen-led initiatives face.

All Field Team members are part of our ongoing mapping of citizen-led organisations providing refugee support across Greece. Beyond that, Field Volunteers belong to one of the following categories:

  • Community Volunteers: In charge of all communications and activities related to the organisations in the grassroots community.

    • Organising the Smart Aid Gathering

    • Sending out our bi-weekly newsletter filled with news and resources for citizen-led projects (fundraising opportunities, trainings, in-kind donations etc.)

    • Compiling the Weekly Report for the whole team with the important news from the field.

    • Maintaining the mapping and database of organisations up-to-date

  • Impact Platform Volunteers: Supporting the use and dissemination of the Impact Platform to organisations across our network.

    • Identifying potential users of the platform

    • Training organisations and our team in using the tool

    • Maintaining the platform and its continued use by organisations

  • Advocacy Volunteers: Transferring the reality of humanitarian aid from the field to our outreach activities

    • Attending coordination meetings at all levels (grassroots, municipality, UNHCR)

    • Working in partnership with the media team to produce content for our social media that reflects current topics

    • Researching important trends, topics and facts around migration, humanitarian aid, and the situation in Greece

    • Producing articles for our blog on key topics


  • Previous knowledge and experience in humanitarian aid, especially working with citizen initiatives, or a relevant educational background.

  • Research experience a plus.

  • Newsletter experience a plus

  • Event management experience a plus.