Sparks of Innovation

Progress on the Skaramangas community Centre


Did you know that a community centre is under construction in Skaramangas? We checked in on the building work a few weeks back during our visit to the camp but we are so happy to see things are progressing. Skaramangas is the biggest camp in Greece, with over 3,000 people living there. Having a spot to gather the community is crucial in building up harmony within the camp but also providing activities and information.

The centre will provide space for community activities, legal appointments, a library and space for classes or info sessions. The building work has been taken on by volunteers but also some camp residents, providing some much needed distraction and purpose for the male population which struggles idleness due to the lack of activities.

If you want to help out, you can get in touch with Drops in the Ocean, the main team in charge of the project.

For more, follow this link!

Coding at The Cube

It’s Europe Coding Week (15–23rd of October 2016) and to celebrate, the team that has brought SOLE Greece to hundreds of refugee children living in Athens, is now training a group of young refugees to code!

Coding is rapidly becoming a precious skills in job markets and is also a skill that can lead to remote employment meaning that people on the move or unsure about their next location can still use this skill. This is also an activity that can accommodate teens and young adults who are often not catered to by other education activities.

Find out more about The Cube

Washing Machines at Oinofyta!

Do Your Part is having a pretty good week as the washing machines they helped arranged (with LDS Charities and Zagonis) for the camp just landed in the Oinofyta camp! No more dirty socks for residents.

So far, refugees had been relying on wash basins to wash their clothes. Using wash basins means not being able to do large loads which is a problem for large families. It also means not being able to wash in very high temperatures which creates hygiene hazards and it’s a drain on the energy and time of residents.

We will be back with more inspiring stories and teams soon!

Until then…

Keep the (CAMP)FIRE of innovation burning!