Our Mission:


Supporting the growth and dissemination of Smart Aid through the encouragement of efficient, collaborative and humane grassroots initiatives.

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Campfire Innovation was established in 2016 at the peak of the humanitarian crisis in Greece. Founded on the principles of Smart Aid, our mission is to spread the ideology of dignified humanitarian aid through the efforts of ‘small and smart’ organisations.

Over the years, Campfire has gone through a series of transformations. We have established a number of different collaborative projects to amplify the voices of citizen-led, grassroots efforts & spread innovative ways to accomplish Smart Aid in Greece.

Citizen-led initiatives need more than just exposure and hard work—they also require outside help. Whether it’s through private donors, public grants, or Greek & international volunteers, it truly takes a village to raise up grassroots and refugees.

Smart Aid

We define Smart Aid as a principle of harnessing innovation and efficiency to provide dignity to displaced people.

By putting humanitarian principles at the core of humanitarian innovation,
we want to spark a reinvention of practices that are respectful, empowering and dignified.